Just be! Early Childhood Education: inspirations for life.: What is happening this week?

Just be! Early Childhood Education: writing provocation -Pattern cards provide a talking point when drawing

Different Types of Lines (writing center, fine motor, laminate and trace with shaving cream)

Different Types of Lines (writing center, fine motor, laminate and trace with shaving cream).idea for writing center to sharpen fine motor skills

How to Set Up the Blocks Center in an Early Childhood Classroom - Pocket of Preschool

How to set up the blocks center in your early childhood classroom!

Building theme boxes for early childhood center science

Theme Boxes for the Science Center - I like the flashlight. Light bulb in unplugged lamp. Plug it in, under supervision, to see if it works. Put beaters on a mixer . Need to look around for other authentic tasks,Especially for higher grade levels!

Wrap numicon in foil. Chn write down guess, unwrap foil and write down actual number - chocolate wrappers for cinema out and about theme.

At NL we hid the foil wrapped numicon in the sand pit. Children used metal detectors to 'treasure hunt' for the numicon. Also foil wrapped matching numeral cards.

The benefits of a sign-in book for early childhood classrooms (or home schools).  Includes a link to a free download.  A great way for kiddos to practice writing their names in a simple, quick way.

Free Printable Sign In Book for Name Writing Practice

Name writing is an important skill to learn in early childhood! Use a free printable preschool sign-in book to give kids a chance to practice name writing.