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Kronos Quartet

Henryk Górecki - Kronos Quartet / String Quartets Already It Is Dusk: Quasi Una Fantasia

Tonic Sol Fa - acapella quartet

Tonic Sol-fa Home Page

Simple idea. I don't think it could have been made without the space program and I don't think Google Earth would exist without it.

How to Apply Eames’s Legendary “Powers of 10” to Real-life Problems

Powers of Ten - Charles and Ray Eames famous film that zooms out from a picnic in Chicago to the edge of the universe and then zooms back in to the inside of a carbon atom

Minimalist peace: Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach.

philip glass' einstein on the beach. Music: similar to Laurie Anderson there is something about the chorus chanting pulsing numbers that feels magical/conjuring.

DJ Krush feat Zap Mama - Danger Of Love

DJ Krush feat Zap Mama - Danger Of Love

Volker Bertelmann: Ferndorf | Hauschka

Volker Bertelmann: Ferndorf | Hauschka