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Larry was appointed to the post of Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office nearly two years ago, after being adopted from the mean streets of south London via Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.
Larry the cat doing his job in the window of 10 Downing Street.  A former shelter cat, Larry is Chief Mouser for the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office.
Love the tuxedo cat!
Larry the Number 10 cat
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Larry the Cat Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office by FabAndQuirky
Larry the cat attends a cabinet meeting
LARRY has a huge responsibility as CHIEF MOUSSER at the office of the Prime Minister. “Downing Street wanted to find a cat that was a good hunter & who fit in with the busy Number 10 lifestyle,” reported Storify.Larry was found as a stray cat & rescued in Jan 2011. He wasn’t chipped or tagged, so Battersea staff couldn’t trace his history but felt he'd been living rough for some time. After arriving in an ambulance, Larry got settled in. He roams freely around most of the house. AMAZING!
Larry the cat