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that would suck trying to look up a dubstep song.     "WAAAAB wub wub wub AHAAAA EEEEP wub wub wub PeeewWWW"

Not just a teenager thing to do, I do that all the time. I'll even write down the lyrics I think will give me the best chance to find the song if I'm not near a computer.

Every night

Wake up in the middle of the night praying it's not the clock and it's Thank God!

Haha so true

It's sooo true. the funny thing is that I can't wink. so I wink a lot in texts. But it's true. if I winked that much in real life. I would have no friends.

People these days...

When I was younger I thought that it meant that it was ten times better than another commercial for the same thing but a different brand right after the first one