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Sam and Colby || I look up to them so much, love them

Short story about Sam and Colby Sam and Colby both believe the othe… Fanfiction

Sam and Colby

I'm Colby (brown hair) And I'm Sam (blond) We are 18 and single! We are best friends and yea

Off to the mountains

Sam and Colby on

Sam is developing feelings for Colby, but Colby is oblivious. He thin… Fanfiction

Colby Brock @colby_brock Instagram photos | Websta (Webstagram)

Colby Brock(@colby_brock) - Instagram photos and videos

I feel like I really wanna buy that cheese now but never eat it and just leave as like a Sam and Colby item, but I mean if you eat it, your eating Colby so.