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English Bulldog puppy -- look at those wrinkles! ALMOST as beautiful as my Chloe bully love. :3

This Is What Happens When You Put Pit Bulls In A Photo Booth

Oh my gosh, Judi dench and Meryl Streep are absolutely gorgeous

Iconic celebrities in their youth (25 Photos)

Picture: Dustin Hoffman in 'The Graduate.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Dustin Hoffman featuring 22 pictures.

Eterno Rei

Elvis Presley as half-breed Pacer Burton in his sixth movie FLAMING STAR (filmed from August 1 to October

Ben Barnes. (It's honestly a shame this isn't in color. He looks good in red.)

Ben Barnes: 'The Words' Special Screening!: Photo Ben Barnes flashes a smile at a special screening for his upcoming flick The Words held at The Grove on Thursday (August in Los Angeles. The actor…

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Sean Connery

Sean CONNERY (b. [Filmsite] as 007 Shaken, Not Stirred. He once made a speech in which he bemoaned the rise of violent movies, saying "I like my audiences stirred, not shaken".

Sebastian Stan - Prince Jack Benjamin of Kings

Sebastian Stan "You have license in front of the camera to do things, feel certain emotions that you don’t get to in real life. It can be addicting.