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Aland Finland 1996

Aland Finland 1996

Japan Stamps Collection | OldBrochures.com

Japan Stamps Collection - postage art with train

Brilliant pterodactyl by A. Heidrich outta Poland - 1965. Love that mix of uber-naturalist with Flintstone-y BG. Very cool.

Poland postage stamp: rhamphorhynchus c. 1965 designed by Andrzej Heidrich

Stamp: Fossils - Karavankina schellwieni (Slovenia) (Fossils) Mi:SI 108,Yt:SI 102

Stamp: Fossils - Karavankina schellwieni (Slovenia) (Fossils) Mi:SI 108,Yt:SI 102

Unusual Stamp

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Hunting for Dodo fossils n Mauritius

Dodo stamps - mainly images - gallery format

japanese postage stamps | Beautiful Japanese Qsl Card postage stamp | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Beautiful on a - we love the rolling cloud pattern.

Great Britain     150th Anniversary of the 1st Congress of dinosaurs:  Stegosaurus

Great Britain Anniversary of the Congress of dinosaurs: Stegosaurus

Stamp- Fossils, 1996, Trilobite Asaphus

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Fossilized Skeleton

Fossilized Skeleton