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fuckin relatable

Anime: Yuri on Ice This is the most Relatable post Ever

Este tipo de abrazos son lo más  | Yuri on Ice | Viktor Nikiforov&Yuri Katsuki

Viktor Nikiforov x Yuuri Katsuki / Viktuuri / Yuri on Ice / YOI

Pairing: Yurio x Otabek  Anime: Yuri!!! On ice!

Pairing: Yurio x Otabek [Otayuri] Anime: Yuri! On ice!

Yuri on ice: Yuuri and Victor

Yuri on ice: Yuri and Victor

Yuri and Victor | Yuri!! On ice

Viktor and Yuri; on Ice

yuri on ice

yuri on ice

Think of me too like I think of you.

Think of me too like I think of you.

Básicamente el pringao no es el que estudia a última hora, es el que no estudia (no aplicable al anime)

Read yurio fotos from the story 💙❄💍YURI ON ICE💍❄💙 by MagdaDennisBiersack (Magda Dennis Biersack) with 802 reads.

In case anyone is wondering, no it doesn't make any more sense in context. That's why it's hilarious

yuri on ice gif, describe yourself in one sentence, anime

Anime/manga☆カリナ♥ (@kry_liss) | Twitter

Yuri on Ice - Otabek

Apparently, cornering someone like this (although usually for the person you love) is called "kabedon." The more you know~

Yaoi on ice

Song: Theme of King JJ Anime: Yuri on Ice Chara: Jean-Jacques Leroy (JJ)  ♡

this song cracks me up every time.

My life is complete I can die happy now bye. Cosplayer: @KumaQiii He is so beautiful I want to meet him

Yuri on Ice cosplay Victor 💖💖💖💖


applehime-des: “The ending they deserve.

I dont even watch the show but this can literally be applied to so many shows/books

The show is called Yuri! on Ice but apprently Viktor wants Yuri!