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Happy 147 birthday Canada!

Happy 147 birthday Canada!

You're Too Sexy for Your Car

Proper bicycle chain maintenance will allow you to keep your bike in tip-top condition for riding. Learning how to take care of your chain can save you time and

Camping Nederland - zoek en boek via de ANWB

Camping Nederland - zoek en boek via de ANWB

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Life is a journey and not a race.  Enjoy every moment of it.   Carpe diem.    Not a Race - Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf quote

Life is a journey and not a race. Enjoy every moment of it. Not a Race - Pres. Dieter F.

Winter biking gear: How to dress for cold weather cycling - 3 layers: base layer to wick, insulation layer to trap, jacket to block!

Cold Weather Biking Gear: What to wear in the cold for winter cycling

Winter biking gear tips, with sample winter cycling outfit of buying suggestions. Biking in cold weather safely includes what to wear to keep you warm!

If driving is stressing you out so much why not ride a bike. #sharetheroad

The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) recently posted nine rectangular signs stating "Bicycles May Use Full Lane" along in Glenn Dale, a narrow road that crosses the Washington, Baltimore, and Annapolis Trail.

#Cycling in France - enjoy the freedom of where your bike can take you... This statement is the Truth.. http://www.thefrenchpropertyplace.com

I read that as "you don't quit riding your bloke because you get old, you get old because you have quit riding your bloke'.I think BOTH are true =D

!oh, i cn see ths , so cool,cries wn she laughs.n even cn laugh wn she cries depending ;)  Xths is something!

She is a paradox. It is a sign of great intelligence to like being alone, it shows you have a good sense of self - I don't know why I'm a paradox. I just go with what I feel.