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MONSTA X : Unfair Love / Wonho / Minhyuk

MONSTA X : Unfair Love / Wonho / Minhyuk

My new favorite descriptions, I fucking love it xDDDD

Personally I feel as if Monsta X deserves a better description than "they new", caus they be one of my favessss.


i don't even know whether to pin it in Monsta x or BTS, the struggle is reaaaal

it's so true tho XD

Next : exo and bigbang , we need new dabbers

BTS Monsta X ~ But what about Suho's double dab?<<<I'm fucking dead

Celebrity bromance Jooheon & Jackson #monsta_x #got7

Celebrity bromance Jooheon & Jackson monsta x

Imagen de kpop, bts, and exo

Image kpop, bts, and exo

so done with this post. I LOVE MONSTA X THOUGH<<< U KNOW RIGHT! Me too!

I hate it how monsta-x are not appreciated much!

I swear, Jackson gets around in the KPOP industry lmao... is there anyone he doesn't have an interaction with!? Haha, but yes love this interaction as well ❤️ #Jackson #GOT7

I does Jackson know everybody in the freaking kpop industry? My baby Jooheon, though, I remember this video and he's so talented T_T

Monsta X

Please give love and stan Monsta X - Gumi

I saw this before with Astro and KNK xD

If Dan and Phil had separate houses: