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Jele Snow Ice KV!! Adaptation : Prompt Design.

Jele Snow Ice KV!! Adaptation : Prompt Design.

Pipers Crisps  --Lovely Package-- fun #illustrated chips #packaging PD

Pipers Crisps with salt and black pepper packaging single serve pillow bags.

Creamy Dill Hummus Chips

Creamy Dill Hummus Chips

- created via http://pinthemall.net

These are really awesome - Goldfish Tea Bags Will Turn Your Teacup Into A Fishbowl.

Chunky Pet Food


Bogotá based agency, Lowe created a fun and easygoing brand of pet food, Chunky. The vibrant colors and photography of active, happy pets draws consumer into other essential information on the package.

Pork Farms by Springetts

Quirky and adorable package design for Pork Farms by a British design studio Springetts .