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Hetalia - Civil Warfare by Raax-theIceWarrior.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Hetalia - Civil Warfare by Raax-theIceWarrior on deviantART

Cute little Hetalians :)

The States Hetalia Style << Oh my gosh, Missouri looks like the definition of Redneck.<<<I swear Missouri isn't that redneck, I live there.

Hetalia, Japan, North Italy, Germany , Holy Roman Empire<<< I loooove this art style


Different charachters. Don't care to name all of them.

Indonesia x Netherlands by http://sihanchul21.deviantart.com/

Netherlands are very over protective of Indonesia.^^ Don't touch my honey!

Male! Philippines: i'm trying so hard not to laugh

APH ASEAN Chatroom! - Male! Indonesia's Loneliness

Indonesia's Loneliness from the story APH ASEAN Chatroom! by Hetalia-Philippines (feelippines) with 557 reads.

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If I had a choice, I would've put another saying, " can die, motherfucka" with a picture of Prussia. I just ruined your life, didn't I? <<< That is uncalled for T_T