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I normally wouldn't pin something with language, but this is too true and too funny to pass up. OMG.

Post with 3498 votes and 596042 views. A quick reminder to all the people on their post-lunch bathroom break.

Last night I was so Hi...Drunk

Last night I was so Hi...Drunk

P USA hopefully when shit goes down they leave there poor neighbours alone.

Olivia Kendall Parody

Instagram Post by Olivia Kendall Parody (@oliviabosschick)

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I laghed way to hard at this as i do everything bu tI feel that this was not to be funny more creepy

I still don't know the answer - Imgur

I still don't know the answer

Blake and I were in the kitchen the other day and I was literally doing squats and side lunges for fun while I was cooking dinner trying to figure out my next booty day sequence lol