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Bronzes. Highly advanced androids created by humans to originally serve as autonomous labour, they have since gained sentience and indeed sapience. Self-replicating and qualified as living, they live among human societies as citizens, famed for their honest and blunt nature. Mostly working as technicians and guards, they are efficient and respected.

Pro tips for designing a video game enemy

I chose this pin because in the book there are self aware robots that do many things. Such as driving ships and keeping their boat in working order.

↠ I I S C A N A D I A N

:welcome to the multiverse, jared. we hope you enjoy your stay.

thedoppelganger:    Magazine: Illustrado January 2012Photographer: Enzo MondejarModel: Kate Bautista

black-white-madness: “ Madness: “ Illustrado Magazine Dubai January 2012 Cover and Main Editorial by inkarlcerating, Aesthetic of Mutation Natasha Poly - Enzo Mondejar ” ”

×~•+ i'm haunted and i'm wanted +•~×

Maybe U have Turned into That monster, You were Always frightened of! And maybe That only Happens at Midnight!

From now on I decided to be a cyborg... in my imagination

From now on I decided to be a cyborg... in my imagination

can I be full and empty simultaneously<yes

"We live for the night's decor, it reveals what we dream of." - Glowing Eyes by Twenty Øne Piløts

Reminds me of the female version of subzero  Concept Art Cyber warrior

Concept Art Cyber warrior