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Beard life for my baby

Beard life for my baby

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Gwen doesn't get enough credit. I mean, she isn't my favorite character but she's still pretty awesome.

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Confessions of a Tanorexic: Beard-day Bash!

Pin the beard on the.

The Maze Runner characters! The guy that plays Newt is actually really good looking.

The Maze Runner characters! They literally picked the perfect people to play everybody. IM SO EXCITED! I've pinned like 30 maze runner pins in a row now<--- lol I did that too

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Confessions of an Overworked Mom

Aromatherapy Travel Kit DIY to Bring on Your Vacation

If you rely on Aromatherapy to help improve your mood and our outlook, consider making one of these Aromatherapy Travel Kit projects to take when you travel

Have you ever listened to a song and thought:   "What if I went back in time and made up this song first?"

yes *strokes chin like I have a wise beard XD* .yes that would be lovely.