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From The Fault In Our Stars

I really wanted to read it. *hint hint, cough cough* John should *cough* make this *hint hint* book.


Why sleep when you can meme?

The Fault In Our Stars. However sad it was, it was also very funny, which is the ONLY reason I liked it. I usually HATE sad movies.

The door

John Green, the man with a New York Best Times seller has sharpie face. Farme / Anne-Marie Berger THIS is the guy who's gonna make you cry your face off :D

Little Nerdfighter Things. also this book made me bawl my eyes out.

Little Nerdfighter Things. John Green watching America's Next Top Model. Also this book made me bawl my eyes out.

That's what u call a TRUE friendship more than a friendship

The Fault in our Stars, I love Isaac and not just because Nat Wolff is playing him.>> I love him in the book! I don't even know who he is in he movie (the person playing him)

Esther Earl, who needed oxygen as she grew sicker, has inspired another book, this one  told through her own words.

Esther Earl, Quincy teen, is inspiration for two books

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Lady's and gentlemen hank green. And that's what he does to John greens books.