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If only people knew...

Use your freaking signal idiots! Not Many People Know This. Did you know your car has a stick to let people know which direction you're going

they said what??

Absolutely hysterical witness / attorney exchanges in court! Worth the read! Man, some attorneys are idiots

Perfect rendition on how I feel about stupid drivers

Use your blinker.it's my biggest pet peeve on the road.after all it is conveinently located on the stearing wheel! (My other pet peeve is people who can't spell, and yet I'm wondering how many words I have misspelled here.

Getting them undressed (or redressed) is like wrestling an alligator...Will pass out anywhere...Poor decision making skills...Argumentative...Speaks gibberish...Cries for no apparent reason...Zero inhibitions...No personal boundaries...Spontaneous vomiting...Poor short term memory...Gets belligerent if you take away their beer [insert favorite toy here]...One track mind...Loses everything...One volume setting – LOUD!

lol- 20 Ways Toddlers are Like Drunk People - Hilarious! More applicable to me, 20 ways dealing with a drunk person is like a toddler

Trying to understand the behavior of some people is like trying to smell the color 9.

Trying to understand the behavior of some people is like trying to smell the color 9

Funniest and most accurate thing I have ever read in my entire life.

omg I died laughing! this is awesome, and true. Kill them and eat their cookies! The Doctor Who one though.so true!

Funny Pictures Of The Day  50 Pics

Funny pictures about Our Top Story Today. Oh, and cool pics about Our Top Story Today. Also, Our Top Story Today photos.

Lmao.. I love the Shaytards.

What did you expect?

Nicely handled Butler Butler uh can you show Shay/Colette this? This is what I find scrolling thru the humor section.