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bizarre but pretty cool.  wouldn't be so intimidating if they were a different color...

The Animal chair Collection: The Rhino Chair, Walrus Chair and Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera.

walrus chair by Maximo Riera

The Animal Chair Collection by Maximo Riera

I am the walrus: They are designed to bring together the complex art of human design with nature's splendour

Now that's a creature comfort: Incredible chairs shaped like giants of the animal world that cost up to £65,000

"The Walrus Chair", the lastest addition to "The Animal Chair" collection by Maximo Riera, which includes "The Octopus Chair" and "The Rhino Chair". The chair will be on display at Design Lond.

Designer Sam Edkins’ “Anatomically Correct” chairs are “luxuriously over stuffed offering a Bourgeois comfort, borrowing from the look of Victorian parlor furniture.” They retail for £595.00 on the Cavaliero Finn website.

Anatomically Correct Chairs These chairs combine Victorian furniture design with human skeletons, designed by Sam Edkins, called "Anatomically Correct" seats. For price, they are not cheap, each chair costs

The Beetle Chair by Maximo Riera

The Beetle Chair by Maximo Riera

Spanish designer Maximo Riera didn't stop his stunning Animal Chair Collection and right after Whale Chair and Elephant Chair has added to it another two pieces: Toad Sofa and Beetle Chair.

This must be Darth Vader's favorite chair

This must be Darth Vader's favorite chair

DESIGN: The Skull Armchair French artist Harold Sangouard (aka “Harow“) created the Skull Armchair, an artistic and evil-looking piece of furniture built from a steel frame and finished with black glossy paint.

chaise-3d-Maximo Riera.

Ces incroyables chaises en forme d’animaux imprimées en 3D vous surprendront par leur réalisme

the printed miniature series by spanish artist maximo riera is based on the large-scale, peculiar compositions that combined animals and furniture into one.