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Palacio Episcopal en Astorga. Obra de Gaudí

The Episcopal Palace of Astorga, Spain is a building by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. It was built between 1889 and D. | Chateau Chinon | Chinon, France | Chateau Chinon | Chinon, France

Beautiful Castle Kreuzenstein, Leobendorf, Austria

Beautiful Castle Kreuzenstein, Leobendorf, Austria Burg Kreuzenstein is a castle near Leobendorf in Lower Austria, Austria. It was constructed in the century.

Hunyad Castle Entrance | by David K Mars

Castelul Huniazilor (Hunyad Castle) in the transylvanian city of Hunedoara, Romania. In 2007 the castle played host to the British paranormal television program Most Haunted Live!

Corvin Castle, Hunedoara, Romania.   ..rh

© Castelul Corvinilor (Castelul Huniazilor), România Hunyad Castle (Hunedoara Castle), Romania History and previous photo of this castle└▶.

Aigas House, Scottish Highlands

House of Aigas, Scotland, is a small castle, according to some more a countryhouse.The oldest part was build and replaced an even older house. ((Ill take a simple country house please))

Peterhof Palace | St. Petersburg, Russia | | the trip you want. The help they need.

The Peterhof Palace (Russian: Петерго́ф; IPA: Dutch for Peter's is a series of palaces and gardens located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, laid out on the orders of Peter the Great. These Palaces and gardens are sometimes referred as the "Russian Versailles"

Yvelines, Castle, France

The Château de Monte-Cristo, the home of writer Alexandre Dumas in le Port-Marly, Yvelines, France. The chateau is now a museum.

Córdoba, Spain

Calle de las Flores al lado de la Mezquita de Córdoba, Spain with the Great Mosque of Cordoba in the background.

Castillo de Colomares Benalmadena, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain

The Most Incredible Places On Earth You’ve Never Heard Of Castillo de Colomares in Benalmadena, Malaga, Spain

Chateau de Chambord, France. The castle that was the inspiration for Disney's 'Beauty & the Beast'.

Rob Chaloner Loves this Château Chateau de Chambord, France. The castle that was the inspiration for Disney's 'Beauty & the Beast'.

Santander, Cantabria, Spain

Santander is the capital of Cantabria. It features a small historic center and a buch of beaches on the Cantabrian sea. Its most famous tourist attraction is the Magdalena Palace which was used as a summer getaway by the Spanish royalty.


My next trip will be all the castles in Ireland & Germany - Schloss Bürresheim, (Bürresheim Castle) 56727 Mayen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Château de Chamerolles,  sur la commune de Chilleurs-aux-Bois, dans le département du Loiret, région Centre, France

The Castle Chamerolles is a castle of the Renaissance is located in the municipality of Chilleurs-aux-Bois, in the department of Loiret it is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since Aug, 1927