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The Idea of Order: The Good Life…

Of course this just further solidifies the fact that my horses should behave themselves for the 45 minutes a day I ask them to actually *do* something.

ON HORSE NATION >> The Idea of Order: On a Schedule?

Horses are always a huge time suck, but they turn into a time black hole if you're even remotely in a hurry. Good thing I've conditioned everyone to my perpetual tardiness.

in fact. I'm also fairly certain that my horse is convinced that he has an extensive staff that's been hand-selected to attend to his every need. The sad thing is he's not really wrong about that.



Perception from A Horse. and when you successfully get the horse to be cool to finally just stand on it..such a proud feeling! :)

How some horses see bridges.) Don't even get me started on how some horses view puddles!