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Plancha de hierro

Plancha de hierro

Old Iron - these were used not only to iron clothing but heated and wrapped in blankets or towels and used at the foot of the bed as a bed warmer. Used'em as doorstops too!

"sad" iron My grandmother had a lot of these hanging from the rafters in her cellar. She would go down there to iron. She had a stove down there too that she heated the irons on.

Flatiron Building, NYC

Flatiron Building, New York City.

Flat Iron Building is considered to be the first skyscraper, New York, New York. Architect: Daniel H. Burnham Date. Location Manhattan, New York, New York

The Flatiron Building in Toronto, Canada • photo: Amgad G. Soliman on 500px

Toronto, Canada - I have stood in front of this building many times "The Flat Iron Building" I believe it is known as.

Boulder, Colorado - Flatirons, from age four, I have been blessed to enjoy this area and even more so now! #KMGLIFE

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We have gone from wanting our hair crimped to using a flat iron!!!

Crimped hair - Before I had a crimping iron, I braided my hair in tiny braids all over my head. When I unbraided my hair, it had a crimped look.

All sizes | Flat Irons | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Flat Irons (Sad Irons) I have one that I think was my grandma's that I currently use as a doorstop!

Planchas antiguas. Eran de mi madre y las utilizo para en trabajo de los sombreros

Planchas antiguas. Eran de mi madre y las utilizo para en trabajo de los sombreros

New York City Streets | Blogging Away: New York City Street Scene

Flatiron Building section of NYC. I sat in that very chair enjoying the sights of the City while sipping on Iced Tea.

Loved my Supermax

This replaced the bonnet style portable hair dryer . I owned a Supermax. It did the job of a hair dryer and a flat iron all in one.I thought it was crazy how quickly it dried your hair.

An entry from herpaperweight

An entry from her paperweight

A different style of city living! Parisian Apartment - great window seat to appreciate the view. I would love this sort of thing in the master bedroom - with a balcony.

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This is the classic hairstyle for women. They still wanted a lot of body to their hair but the also like it short.