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I laugh hard at this. I even save the vid. in my phone. Well, it's my vitamin. XD

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V's handwriting is beyond beautiful

LOL//i think i need evidence, just to be sure Jimin doesnt wear flower underwear.not because i want to see that or anything because i dont, im pure!

I can almost hear Jungkook say 'Pardon' atleast 20 times if Rapmon asks him a question.

Looks like a parent and kid going over some homework lol

All hail Rapmon and his unappreciated swag

Uhh I hate this but it's true. Love Namjoon equally to the other members!

Where can I get this

Where can I get this // this is the question gurl! I want this sweater really bad!

Well he still needs an education. Even tho those arms will probably pay all the bills.

actin like he wasn't grinding the floor for the bst choreo. we know who u are jeongguk

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Common Black Girl on


Yeah right xD nobody is normal in bangtan xD