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World of Stereotypes
"Jeff Davis Show" Trilateral Commission Founded 1973, by central banker David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission is a cabal of central and European bankers, politicians, military leaders. Not allowed membership for current US Presidents - Jimmy Carter,  Bill Clinton, George H W Bush were once Trilateral Commission members Like the Federal Reserve bank,  Trilateral Commission meetings are secret with zero accountability -- Jeff Davis
Obama's Goons...
So what?  They're still human beings and they have rights, and the governments responsibility is to protect those rights.
In December of 1972, Marie-Hélène de Rothschild threw a “Surrealist Ball”at the Château de Ferrières, which was one of the large mansions owned by her family. The invitations were written backwards, forcing the guests to use the assistance of a mirror to read them. The attire required was “black tie, long dresses and surrealists heads.”