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this is a real fucking man if you think you're a man because you are huge then tell me, how much does the girl on your arm love you?

And this is why I like "emo" guys. This is just so sweet, my heart just melted are you 'Emo' boys!

I'm experiment 3. Apparently I have some strange capabilities that the scientists still haven't "Unlocked", I'm quiet, but cooperative in the tests. I've been alone all 16 years of my life. The tests they do are painful most of the time, and I hate it here. I'm secretly planning escape, but I keep my mouth shut and nobody knows about my escape plan.

The Dark Murder Mansion - Chapter 1: The Only One

(Open rp. Please be the guy.) I was over my neighbors house, they were new to town so we had to go over and introduce ourselves. He sat on his bed while I sat on the floor, looking at my phone. Suddenly he coughs, grabbing my attention. In his hands are handcuffs, he smirks and bites his lip. ((His name is xavier my name is mia))

Oh my freaking lanta. Is it bad that I watched this gif over 30 times? Like holy hello kitty. I'm sorry girls but I had to pin this.(scroll through the pictures on the link and you'll find this gif)

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||Fc: Brendon Urie|| What's up, I'm Brendon. I love to sing and listen to music. I also like tattoos and have metal, punk rock, bands like that. I'm kinda shy but will be more outgoing as I get to know you. Intro?

Hot funny glasses guy that everyone loves secretly manipulates and plays with people

I'm probably spamming so many peeps with pics of really fucking attractive guys....I can't help it k??? No one who looks good lives any where near me... Not that they'd date me anyways lelel

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