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Breaking Bad - not sure I agree with the order but the list looks pretty comprehensive

The Worst of Walter White - They forgot to list his worst offense, them tightie whities

Lora Zombie BAD!

When Entertainment Marketing Is Art: See Work From The Breaking Bad Art Project

Even if you aren't a Breaking Bad fan you have to admit these posters are pretty awesome! By designer Ty Mattson: "The evolution of Walter White".

New Breaking Bad posters by Ty Mattson in So. Mattson’s signed-and-numbered posters will be available for sale Tues. ET in the official Breaking Bad store. I bet these will sell out fast.

We have rounded up some rare behind-the-scenes photos of the Breaking Bad cast.

For such a dark and brutal show, the behind the scenes shots are always either hillarious or cuddly. On an unrelated note, Bryan as a cockroach is now officially my favorite picture ever.