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40 Awesome Compass Tattoo Designs | Cuded

100 Awesome Compass Tattoo Designs

Owl design tattoo on back

The owl is the wisest of all animals. If you're opting for Owl Tattoos, consider the right ink design and tattoo placement. Enjoy these stylish owl tattoos!


Sugar skulls tattoo design I'm working on, Adam Tattoos, Rose Gold's, San Francisco, California

Kompass, karta över Thailand och blommor

Kompass, karta över Thailand och blommor

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Skull tattoos are everywhere, they may very well be the most popular type of tattoos in the world. While we love realistic looking skulls, there's something about an artist taking artistic libertie.

Your soulmate is the person who mends your broken heart by simply giving you theirs.

& we could live like Jack and Sally if we want. ❤ Nightmare Before Christmas Disney Fan Art

Compass ink - 50+ Awesome Compass Tattoo Designs  <3 <3

100 Awesome Compass Tattoo Designs

Where ya will go A compass is a navigational instrument to determine the direction of magnetic north, which is important for the mariners of early age to find their way of navigation. Compass tattoo, or its derived compass rose tattoo… Continue Reading →