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Dynamic struggles

Only pinning it for the tuba part. Because it was hilarious and I play tuba

"Girls, girls, you're both pretty. Can I go home now?"

best argument ever! Megamind<<< this is the best argument ever XD

I choose to believe it's friend love.

Love is handing someone a gun and letting them point it at your head, believing that he won't pull the trigger. Sherlock and John.

I do love Lucy!

I love Lucy and Lucille Ball. Hehe when I was little my gma always would remember how I'd used to say," Lucy, I'm home!) b/c she introduced me to I love Lucy:)

Lupita and Ellen discuss tabloid rumors... - The Meta Picture

Lupita and Ellen discuss tabloid rumors…

Lupita and Ellen discuss tabloid rumors // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

hahahahahahahaha i wish tina fey was my mom

Funny pictures about Tina Fey's kids. Oh, and cool pics about Tina Fey's kids. Also, Tina Fey's kids.

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Freshly baked meme for you

Funny pictures about Washington's Ordinary Adventures. Oh, and cool pics about Washington's Ordinary Adventures. Also, Washington's Ordinary Adventures photos.

Here are some geeky kids captured in funny and / or unusual situatons.

Here are some geeky kids captured in funny and / or unusual situations. Kids are hilarious!

Mortals, it's just Leo Valdez.<--- or ghost rider trying to make a little cash on the winnings.

Who taught Leo Valdez how to ride a motorcycle?<---- Leo Valdez taught himself to ride a motorcycle at age 3

TV Quotes

Niles is one of my favorite characters of all time. Gotta love the nanny ^_^