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If we want to keep tricolored Bats on the map we need to act now: dfnd.us/237MVnt

If we want to keep tricolored Bats on the map we need to act now:

Bat hug | Teh Cute - Cute puppies, cute kittens & other adorable cute animals

mayramunster: “ britnymillz: “ “ ragazzzo: bat thanks friend for bringing him bananas ” this made me so happy.

Fishing Bulldog Bat, Costa Rica - information, where to see it, and photos

A crucial nesting site for the Olive Ridley sea turtle, the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge is made up of Nosara Beach (Playa Nosara), Ostional Beach (Playa Ostional) and the beachside town of Ostio

Lesser Doglike Bat (Peropteryx macrotis)

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bats | Natural History Collections: What do Bats Look Like (give him a break - he's smiling!)

Spear-nose Microbat, he's so ugly he's cute!

Cynopterus brachyotis. Fruit and nectar bats (family...

Common Short-nosed Fruit Bat (Cynopterus brachyotis) from Sarawak, Malaysia…

Painted Wooly bat

Painted bat (Kerivoula picta), found in Asia; Comes to measure about wing wingspan and feeds on insects. The strong colors are to fool predators, appearing to be dangerous, since they live in vulnerable places.

"Hammer-headed bat. These giant satan-bats are aggressive enough to attack livestock to drink their blood. They're also prime suspects for hideous Ebola virus outbreaks. The long face on the males allows their mating calls a much greater volume and resonance -- the noise during mating season rivals a car alarm in loudness and repetitiveness. Because what a giant, Ebola-spewing, blood-sucking, devil-looking bat monster really needs is the ability to shriek like a dive bomber as it swoops at…

6 Terrifying Bats You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Hammer-headed bat- if this is real it's adorable! Like a bat bull terrier mix😂😂