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Here is a message to those who are stunned and outraged when people want distance from them: ...

A message to all bullies who treat their victim(s) like they are worthless, then play the victim when they are confronted for their abuse, and act stunned when people want to end the relationship with them.

Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse

Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse Been in one of these before. He did me so wrong but made me feel like it was my fault and he was the victim in the whole situation.

Yuck-I had an old, nasty woman that tried to do this to me. She was like the evil queen with Snow White.....Psycho!!!

The narcissist or sociopath picks their target exactly, and then destroys all the qualities that attracted them in the first place. Always jealous, always envious, always trying to destroy my life, always failing.

That first year with M was one long, drawn out state of total shock.

As soon as you think "let me give him/her the benefit of the doubt" more than once, you probably have a toxic person in your life. It's become a rule of thumb for me. Listen to your gut and don't ignore any red flags.

Very true, at least in my case. Upon further reflection, I decided my mother was a toxic, rude, insulting b****, who was using me socially, and not worth having around. One does not have to reflect upon oneself forever. Drop them. (LV!

Survivors (ie, survivors of abuse, neglect) are general highly introspective. But this highly admirable trait also gives abusers a way in.

Recovery from Emotionally Abusive Relationships Education about Narcissists, Sociopaths, and other Toxic People.

Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse -they are broken people. Don't engage- you will never reason with a narcissist. Beware of their fits of rage.

He's never steady. Never sure what he wants. Always changing his mind feeling guilt. He's fucked up.

Narcissistic sociopath are emotionally crippled, demented chameleons for real! 🐲 A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.

Repost @narcissist.sociopath_awareness -  "Sometimes our body knows before we do. Personally, I was a mess. My hypothyroidism was virtually unresponsive to meds, my adrenals were shot, I had bleeding ulcers, migraines & my hair was falling out by the handful. Meanwhile, I nursed him through surgery, continued to support our business & travelled for my own work. He focused on grooming new supplies & planning his exit strategy. His health improved as mine declined. That's what we call..."

A full year.and that only works if you truly can get away from your narcissistic abuser and have no contact any further, not conversations, not physical visits.you need to heal. You need to be alone and allow yourself to heal.

I know two men like this....and they are sad little men! Neither of them is my exceptional husband!

When the sociopath stonewalls you

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Sad state of affairs when friends lie to your face and yet blame you for their troubles.

We feel angry and embarrassed when we are sucked in by someone who lies and manipulates. We resent the time, energy and love we offered them in good faith because it was all for nothing. They don& even appreciate what they took from us because it is.