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What Happens When You Eat 3 Whole Eggs Every Day…You’ll Be Surprised What It Does To Your Body!

A few years ago, health organizations issued a warning about the cholesterol contained in eggs.

Sick of blueberries? Tired of yogurt? Here's what else to eat: 8 'Superfoods' and Their Alternatives - US News & World Report

Food list for The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution (2011): a book that advises how to lower anxiety using food and supplementation. - Avoid sugar, processed foods, and caffeine. - 3 levels of diet to test for food sensitivities, and another diet to reintroduce traditional foods. - All diets: eat healthy animal protein, nonstarchy fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, good fats. - Foods to test as potential triggers for anxiety: gluten-containing grains, dairy, gluten-free grains, starchy vegetables…

This sounds interesting.I want to read it.The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood, and End Cravings: Trudy Scott, .

Get Those Wireless Baby Monitors OUT of the Nursery! ----According to PowerWatch, a wireless baby monitor at less than 1 meter away from the baby’s crib was roughly equivalent to the microwave radiation experienced from a cell phone tower only 150 meters away. Click through to link to learn more about this hazard.

The Health Hazards of Wireless Baby Monitors

Having a wireless baby monitor in your child's room is like living within 150 meters of a cell phone tower. No joke. Get those wireless baby monitors OUT of the Nursery!

Detox smoothies are a delicious way to detox, and one of the best detox drinks to add to your daily routine. To detox the body you need to feed it foods that help it purge itself, while at the same time provide it with the vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best. 1...

8 Homemade Detox Smoothies to Cleanse Your System

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Metodos Para Eliminar La Ansiedad Por Comer

Republished with permission from holisticole.com. Can we just take a moment to thank our liver for all that it does? This vital organ is working hard everyday to filter out toxins and waste from the body, as well as conducting hundreds of other functions. Your liver’s primary action is to convert toxins into a safe... View Article

16 warning signs your liver is overloaded with toxins that are making you fat

Image of 16 warning signs your liver is overloaded toxins that are making you…

Szechwan Shrimp with Grilled Mango Chutney

Simple seared Szechwan shrimp paired with Grilled Mango Chutney. Try our Grilled Szechwan Shrimp Recipe today!

Dry cough never fails to irritate those who have it. It is itchy, exasperating and croaky. Sometimes it may even be painful and produces a lot of discomfort and awkward moments to the one who has it. Therefore it is essential to look for the most effective dry cough remedy there is to get rid of this infuriating dry cough.

Home Remedies for Dry Cough

Effective Natural Cough Remedies to Cure dry cough symptoms. Treat a severe cough phlegm with home remedies for a night cough.

Looking for the way to relieve your pain naturally? This is the one of the best herb for relieving pain naturally.

Looking for the way to relieve your pain naturally? This is the one of the best herb for relieving pain naturally. Lactuca virosa was used in the century by physicians when opium could not be obtained.

Down Syndrome and Vaccinations: Down syndrome, vaccinations and genetic susceptibility to injury: What does the research show? by Laurette Janak, MOM

Autism Explained: Synergistic Poisoning from Aluminum and Glyphosate - Stephanie Seneff

7 Great Reasons to Eat GINGER

Helps body detox and warm stomach during season change. Ginger reduces muscle pain and inflammation. The Way of Wellness Massage and Shiatsu

5 Healing Honey Infusions- put a spoonful in your tea to soothe a sore throat, toothache, cough, lower cholesterol and so much more.

5 Healing Honey Infusions for a Healthy Life

Home health remedies, 5 Homemade Healing Honey Infusions for a healthy Life - Lemon-Honey Cinnamon-honey Ginger-honey Clove-honey Apple Cider Vinegar honey ✿⊱╮