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Honor out fallen soldiers and pray for our troops. God help the ones left behind to grieve their loss.i hate war, prayers to all who are over seas at this moment for strength from the Lord all might~amen

Respect to all veterans. Goes along way.  God bless our veterans

We're not against the soldiers, we're against the war . respect and support all veterans, old and young.


Thank you veterans

Amazing gift from a soldier…

Amazing gift from a soldier…

Funny pictures about Amazing gift from a soldier. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing gift from a soldier. Also, Amazing gift from a soldier.

Arrival of Tennessee National Guard Soldier KIA...Pray for our soldiers and families. May we never forget the cost of our freedom.

Thank You to all the men and women who sacrifice and serve our country for our freedom! PHOTO: The Untold Story Behind Every Casualty Of War - Never forget the sacrifices our military and family make every day. This is the ultimate sacrifice.

A Salute To Our Female Soldiers!

She carries a rucksack, cleans her rifle with her battle buddies,wears her combat boots, paints her face for camouflage. She kisses hers goodbye for the year. Don't forget about the women who serve our country and protect our freedom! God bless our

Some soldiers tattoo their blood type on their neck.

Afghanistan's Korengal Valley

The word Hero is very overused in this country. We do, however, know who the real heroes are.God bless our troops


No load to heavy to carry for our men and women in uniform. US army troops in Afghanistan

Honoring Pat Tillman who selflessly sacrificed his life on 4/22/2004 today in Afghanistan for our great Country. Please help me honor him so that he is not forgotten.

April Pat Tillman killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan. Pat Tillman, who gave up his pro football career to enlist in the U. Army after the terrorist attacks of September is killed.

Brave Women Serve While Cowardly Men Bluster And Play The Patriot. Each Of Us Owes A Debt Only Service Can Pay.

19 year old medic from Texas gets the Silver Star.

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Navy Hospital Corpsman Richard Barnett, assigned to the Marine Division, holds an Iraqi child in central Iraq in this March 2003 file photo.

Chris Kyle, Midloathian, Tx.

A true American Hero! Chris Kyle – SEAL Team Considered the most lethal sniper in American military history with 160 confirmed kills claimed kills).

absolutely amazing

This is the most precious picture! Shout out to all my friends and cousins who are firefighters, so grateful for the work you all do and the sacrifices you make!

Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, a Patriot from Texas and author of the outstanding book, "American Sniper," was killed Saturday while assisting fellow veterans suffering from PTSD. As a defender of Liberty and the Second Amendment, he will be missed.

Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, deadliest sniper in U. This man is the definition of a true American hero. God Bless the troops. The subject of the movie "American Sniper.

Spc. Monica Brown, * 19 *, an Army medic. A vehicle was hit by an IED, her sergeant yelled, "Doc, let's go," and she went. She spotted two injured soldiers, under intense fire dragged them to cover, then received mortar shells and covered the injured with her body and started repairing them through a two-hour fight. She saved them both, and received the Silver Star.

A vehicle was hit, she spotted 2 injured soldiers, under intense fire dragged thm then received mortar shells, covered th injured w hr body & started repairing thm through a fight & saved them. She received th Silver Star

Camo Wreath, Support Our Troops,  Military Wreath, Burlap Wreath, Camouflage

Camo Wreath, Support Our Troops, Military Wreath, Burlap Wreath, Camouflage

Camo Wreath, Support Our Troops, Military Wreath, Burlap Wreath, Camouflage