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Cloned Video Animations by Erdal Inci, cloned motion video-very cool!

6 Intriguing Types of Synesthesia: Tasting Words, Seeing Sounds, Hearing Colours And More

Hearing ringing in your ears of late? Did you know this is a form of clairaudience? For those of you who do not know what the word clairaudient means, it is the faculty of perceiving, by hearing, what is inaudible.

Stonehenge and Other Amazing Unexplained Megalithic Sites | Owlcation

Stonehenge and Other Amazing Unexplained Megalithic Sites

Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Avebury & Stanton Drew: Submitted by Elske on Thu, - This video takes the viewer beyond Stonehenge on an incredible journey of discovery that reveals the true wealth and extent of Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain & Ireland.

San Qing: The four main Gods of Chinese Mythology. Yuan-Shi-Tian-Zong, Jade Emperor, Ling-Bao-Tian-Song, and Lao-Jun.

The Three Pure Pellucid Ones - They are regarded as pure manifestation of the Tao and the origin of all sentient beings.

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13 Practices Of An Awakened Person  in5d in 5d in5d.com www.in5d.com http://in5d.com/ body mind soul spirit BodyMindSoulSpirit.com http://bodymindsoulspirit.com/

by Paul, Shift.is og-me Zong-po lived nearly 800 years ago yet his 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva is still considered a pinnacle list of traits a person who wishes to become enlightened for the bene…