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so totally true... I lost by a hundredth of a second yesterday.  it stinks...

barrelracingwordsofwisdom: “In the sport of barrel racing one wrong turn can end your entire career and a tenth of a second can determine whether you win all or lose everything ”

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ProAg® Thoughtful Thursday Quote: Our resident Old Farmer couldn't help but…

I agree with the city men part but a horse is a horse and slow or fast I love em :)

The slow horses part is not that correct, because they do awesome in pleasure classes. But the city men is the most correct statement.

Amen. S/o to all those people who tell me how "easy" what I do is. Saddle up, idiot. It aint as easy as I make it seem

I'm retired from barrel racing along with my recently passed horse Rosie but I won't be for long. Once you start barrel racing, it's so addictive and so much adrenaline u just can't quit.


Run at your dreams head on. Let the wind blow through your hair, freedom move underneath you and trust your best friend for the ride of your life.

For sure. It's a passion, not a hobby.

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Yes I hate competing against people who hate their job

I choose passion! I choose the fire burning inside both horse and human to win the race they were born to run!