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Intersectionality is important.

Audre Lorde quote: "There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.

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Time's up single issue activists, there is no struggle left, but our COLLECTIVE struggle.

Annoyed When People Talk About White Male Privilege Or Whatever? Think They're Trying To Guilt You?

Annoyed When People Talk About White Male Privilege Or Whatever? Think They're Trying To Guilt You?

women pay the price

Women pay the price for the decisions made by men. by Favianna Rodriguez .

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"One of the most reoccurring flaws of Western feminism is the insidious tendencies of privileged feminists exploiting other women with less socioeconomic power for personal agendas.

"Es sólo una broma" Escalada de Violencia

Power structure of Oppression People don’t realized how the littlest thing can affect the way marginalized people live. Hence many will belittle these important conversations as political correctness or find some way to make it about themselves

small talk sucks

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This is not to say that it is wrong to recognize the corruption and the great injustices of government.  Because, it is good when people become aware that their own indoctrinations are false, and that they have been lied to by a state that rules over them, and does not represent their interests.  However, it is better to live in peace one with another, and allow the One True God of Creation to bring all of those who are a part of this corruption in the Physical to His justice in Read more:

Unfortunately, society is not a level playing field. For all that these children, to them society has been built this way, they never knew a free world like we know today.

African Americans (African AMERICANS) were dragged off their own lands, enslaved and then "freed" into the same nation that enslaved them.. and we expect them not to have poverty and then as a direct result of that, crime?! If African Americans have a higher rate of criminal activity, it's because they were given the worst of starts, both here as a race in North America (the US especially) and now, in the modern world.

WE WHITE PEOPLE? Who are you talking about? I've never heard anyone in my white family, or my friends say anything of this. All Lives Matter moron. I don't judge all blacks by the racism shown by blm.

The Sociological Cinema

The Sociological Cinema "Privilege" module, featuring videos, podcasts, essays, and prominent thinkers. It's everything you always wanted to know about this contested concept and more!

Why is there women's studies but no men's studies?"…because there is “Men’s Studies" -history!  But wait? Doesn’t history study women, too? Of course. But the discourses of history books have been told exclusively by the privileged gender: men. Women’s studies is not an alternative, but an expansion of traditional historical study in which women are given a voice.

22 Things Only Women's And Gender Studies' Majors Understand

There's Women's Studies but no Men's Studies? Men's Studies is called History.