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Slime Mold - Alien Landscapes On Earth ~ Kuriositas

Slime Mold - Alien Landscapes On Earth. Kim Fleming’s remarkable macrophotography.

7 Tips to Keep Your Electricity Bill Down!

The Physics of the Plasma Universe by Anthony Peratt describes magma as a plasma, a medium containing moving charges. So we should expect volcanoes not only to exhibit electrical behavior but to have that behavior connected with the larger plasma environm

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aurora borealis -- norwegen lofoten-- northern lights #by Lorenzo Riva

Only few days left and I’ll be back in Lofoten Islands visiting again this wonderful arctic archipelago. This one is from my first visit 2 years ago, an unforgettable night of dancing lights in Uttakleiv Beach.

'Exploding Stars' ~SauriaMami/Carla Wick  Sphaerobolus stellatus aka Cannon Fungi or Artillary Fungi...found on...yep...cow pucky!

'Exploding Stars' ~SauriaMami/Carla Wick Sphaerobolus stellatus aka Cannon Fungi or Artillary Fungi


This plant is like a tiny mushroom. When it matures it pops open and has seeds inside reminiscent of bird eggs in a nest. There are different variations. And comes in fuzzy light color, or in smooth colors of chocolate and black.

Письмо «На этих досках есть те же Пины, что и у вас (грибы).» — Pinterest — Яндекс.Почта

Beech Forest Fungi - These strange pore fungi are only found growing from the trunks of Nothofagus (beech trees) Croesus Track,Paparoa Range,Westland.