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Beautiful Abandoned Place

Mansion at the abandoned Ostashevo village, Chuhlomskoy Kostroma region in Russia built by Ivan Ropet, late century Photo by Andrew Pavlichenkov

Abandoned Wizard Of Oz theme park. Beech Mtn, NC

Eerie photo of the Yellow Brick Road from an abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park in North Carolina. Two cool ideas. One, find the broken down yellow road. Two, that there was a Wizard of Oz theme park.

Old abandoned church & cemetery in Oleszyce, Poland

"Abandoned cemetery and church. Looks like a scene from a scary movie." agree with the comment looks amazing and great place to do a photo shoot.

I'd love to create a list even bigger than this, and just travel to all of the abandoned places in the world. I would love that adventure.

Amazing abandoned places in the world…

Funny pictures about Amazing abandoned places in the world. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing abandoned places in the world. Also, Amazing abandoned places in the world.

Abandoned home becoming one with the earth

I love abandoned architecture, there is something so elemental about the reclaimation of buildings by nature sleeping beauty fairytale castle art photography grimm and fairy magical places

Creaking doors, cold spots, moving objects—be afraid, be very afraid of these famed ghostly retreats.

11 "Real" Haunted Houses to Visit—If You Dare!

11 real haunted houses to visit. If you dare. (Read the comments section for people's own stories) Franklin Castle, Cleveland, Ohio.

@PinFantasy - abandoned church ~~ For more: - ✯ http://www.pinterest.com/PinFantasy/arq-~-abandonado-ruinas/

An abandoned, gothic chapel amongst the trees on a cold and misty day. Where's the black crow.