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Rıta Hayworth

Vintage Rita Hayworth 1939 Cheesecake Pin Up Photograph Bathing Beauty Early

Rita Hayworth ~ "Sensitive, shy -- of course I was. The fun of acting is to become someone else." (IMDB)

Classic Hollywood's Most Beautiful Actresses

We are all tied to our destiny and there is no way we can liberate ourselves. Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth is best known for her stunning explosive sexual charisma on screen in films throughout the and A Lengendary Hollywood Actress whose beauty catapulted her to international stardom.

Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth in "You Were never Lovelier", 1942

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Rita Hayworth relaxes at a French resort in Nice, in May 1947

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Rita Hayworth, the best known redhead, was not an actual redhead. She had black hair of Spanish descent. Hollywood gave her electrolysis to make her forehead higher and colored her hair red.

Vintage Style Icon: Rita Hayworth

I love Rita Hayworth. She is my fave Hollywood Pin-Up babe and Gilda is in my Top 10 Films list. She is a total babe right! Her and Glenn Ford, who was one of her favourite actors to work with hav…