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$7 - Baby Baggu - Black Cat (Free shipping!)

a mini version of the standard shopper classic!

Cat friendly house designs

wonder if I could DIY any part of this as a great gift. i would never be able to pay that much though! but i could get my dad to help if i ever own a cat! i hope i do one day!

A munchable cat garden.

Bring a taste of the outdoors to your indoor cats with a DIY Cat Garden. Super easy and your cats will love it!

pvc buis met sisal

Looks like it's built with plumbing tubes then wrapped in sisal, you could also use coloured rope for some very pretty shapes Más

My favorites are: 3.Under the Bed - put a comfy cat bed or 2 for alone time. 4. Wall Shelves. 7. Wall Mounted Cat Tree  8. Desk Cat Seat - or box, your cat likes to be close to you.  9. Closet Sleeper - this is cool. Cats like to think they have a hidey place that you don't know about! Source: Brookstone.com

10 Ideas To Create More Living Spaces For Your Cat

Desktop Cat Seat- because we all know, I AM the crazy cat lady :-)

no title

"my long-Legged cat named Bam" in a cardboard box with a long legs drawn on the side