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The Northern Lights in Alaska

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Beautiful Northern Lights, around the World. An aurora is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic).

Northern lights

Asombroso video que muestra la aurora boreal en movimiento real

Enquanto seres iluminados que somos devemos saber o quanto nossa luz interior iluminará nosso caminho em direção à felicidade que imaginamos... Osman Freitas

Photographing the Northern Lights is definitely on our bucket list. What a gorgeous photo: A Night To Remember by Arild Heitmann Aurora Borealis, Norway

Full sky Aurora

A Full Sky Aurora Over Norway Image Credit & Copyright: Sebastian Voltmer via NASA

Tornado sucks up a rainbow

Rainbow Tornado, Nature

Tornado sucks up a rainbow. Probably a once in a lifetime pic INSPO/amazing/Only God could create such Beauty/

October night by Tore Heggelund this is beautiful

"October night" The night sky is so beautiful.Its the second most beutiful sight ive ever seen in my life. By Tore Heggelund