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2 Border Collies

2 Border Collies

Sheep with a border collie in England  (© Heinz Wohner

Bing Image Archive: Sheep with a border collie in England (© Wayne Hutchinson/Minden Pictures)(Bing United Kingdom)


Looks a lot like my Hobie.

The BOS Nyaru Menteng Reintroduction Center was founded in 1999 by Lone Dröscher Nielsen and Odom Kisar. Today it is home to more than 600 orphaned and displaced orangutans and has hundreds of employees.

The Nyaru Menteng Work-staff consists of 200 people; this number consists of babysitters, tecknisi, assistants, people working in the medical department, guards and other workers. The number of orphaned orangutans in Nyaru Menteng is now approximately

Rusty & Marley

Border Collies

If you love seeing and admiring the beauty of border collies, check out some of the pictures from our community members all over the world!

Border Collie puppy

Border Collie Welpen

Border Collie puppy

Gypsy the Border Collie

Gypsy is such a sweet, loving dog! Even though she's a border collie, she looks like an Australian shepherd.

Borgi (border collie, corgi)

Another of Abe's long lost siblings! The Daily Corgi: Cletus. Still can't work out if Abie is a spaniel/corgi or border collie/corgi.