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I've been finding a few gray, or rather completely white, hairs lately. I'm actually kinda excited to go gray. free platinum hair, here I come! I've seen some gorgeous gray locks.

Nothing has ever been more true

"Well, I have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life. If I die next Thursday" Shane answers.

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Nym, Tim the rock, Jimmy Joe, Billy Bob, Robert, ben, Stanley (who suck), Phil, and Minka, Skish, and Smo.

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yeah, sometimes I have to bite my cheek so I won't actually tell them what I think.

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Reminds me of a young man I saw on Judge Judy recently. She asked him what he did for a living. He mumbled, "I do music". She said he needed to get a job that pays money so he could pay his mama back for wrecking her car.

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I need a button with this on it that I can pin to my shirt before I head in to work...

I need a button with this on it that I can pin to my shirt before I head in to work...

Wish this worked...

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Though I couldn't stop the laugh that bubbled from my mouth, I measured it out with an expertly done eye roll. "You're insane." To that Terry replied with a little smile, "Yes, I put the hot in psychotic don't I?

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Anonymous ART of Revolution: I tried to be normal once worst two minutes of my life