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Lovino and Feliciano growing up - Art by つまこ - I love how in the third panel North Italy is all badass and then compare that to the last panel XD (yeah but not into itacest)

Fated to Live by iAlly.deviantart.com on @deviantART<<<< He looks so scared. And Alfred's happy-go-lucky smile is almost insulting in comparison. "I'll save you" he says... But at the same time, if you had the power to bring people who committed suicide back to life... I mean, doctors around the world do it every day, and for good reason. I really don't know how to feel about this.

Thank you for stabbing my in the heart with a dull pencil

Hetalia - America / Russia that too funny this made me smile :) awwww so cute


Russia has vodka while America has a McCafé, what dorks <<< aww this is so cute!

PRE-ORDERS OPEN   I'm trying to gauge how many I should order by this weekend! So if you pre-order one now, I'll make the order and they'll be in by Tuesday or Wed, which I'll then ship to you! :D   Poster featuring Hetalia's America and Russia at the Sochi Winter 2014 Olympics

Poster featuring Hetalia's America and Russia at the Sochi Winter 2014 Olympics

Aph Russia, Aph America, RusAme -don't know if I ship them but this was cute

Aph Russia, Aph America, RusAme -i ship it with all pride but I do like Amerus better

Just another reason to love Italy

Hetalia - Italy sometimes we need someone to randomly turn around and say "you are loved"

Russia and America

Ooooh damn, that picture O.o RusAme fanart. ヘタlog① Pixiv ID: ポメロ < don't ship rusame but I like this picture

by 志帆- Hetalia - America / Russia

I don't ship Russia x America but I like how this picture looks


Adorable hetalia comic America and Italy<<I don't ship it but I feel as if these two would be great friends and they'd totally do this. And Germany and England are watching closely because they don't want those two to become TOO close XD<<<bromance

Usuk and Russia【腐】あいさつ回避!(Part1)  Pixiv ID: 31674278 Member: モリタ.

Hetalia - "Good morning" (part - America / England (UsUk) / Russia