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Know how to tell if your eggs are fresh. | 37 Essential Life Hacks Every Human Should Know

How to determine if an egg is fresh. sinks to bottom and lays on it's side - fresh rests on bottom but fat end rises up slightly - week old balances on pointy end with fat end sticking up - 3 weeks old whole egg floats and bobs around - bad egg

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Wowzaz on Twitter

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How to Send Something First-Class Mail International | eBay

How to Send Returning Product by First-Class Mail International

The United States Postal Service (USPS) reorganized their international shipping classifications in 2007 and created First-Class Mail International (FCI).

Who is coming out to Chicks with Picks this winter as a recipient of the Eddie Bauer First Ascent "The Quickie" scholarship? The answer is here!

Announcing the Eddie Bauer First Ascent "The Quickie" Scholarship Winner(s)!

Zap Zap Math – Games for Kids by Visual Math Interactive is a very comprehensive math app that rockets math education straight out of this world!

OpEd by by Bob Sloan © 2012 An event occurred in front of my home on Wednesday of this week that provided an incentive for me to go ahead and publish an article I’d written about the United States Postal Service (USPS).  The event was a strong-arm robbery of a mailman at a house on our […]

HEADED TO THE POST OFFICE! Every time this post is at the top of my page, am going to deliver packages so buy away!