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Mr. Abe’s trip this month to the site his country attacked 75 years ago will in effect be reciprocating a visit by President Obama to Hiroshima this year.

Shinzo Abe to Become First Japanese Leader to Visit Pearl Harbor

Given Trump& substantial conflicts of interest, the foundation& admission of self-dealing should sound a warning to both the president-elect and voters as he takes the oath of office.

December 8, 1941. The morning paper after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. The picture in the center shows several local Naval officers who were called in for service.

December The morning paper after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. The picture in the center shows several local Naval officers who were called in for service.

Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Soryu. Was at attack at Pearl Harbor.

Carrier Soryu at anchor in the Kurile Islands, shortly before the start of the Pacific War.

PODCAST: 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor December 7 marks the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. In this special edition of the Stratfor Talks podcast host Ben Sheen interviews three analysts about issues and trends related to the attack that continue to unfold. Senior Military Analyst Omar Lamrani explores the evolution of Japan as a maritime power since the end of World War II. Then we examine the ongoing trend of Japanese normalization with Stratfor Vice President of…

PODCAST: Russia Elections & Conversation with Stratfor Editor-in-Chief David Judson

The airfield at Ford Island engulfed in flames. 7 Dec 1941.

peerintothepast: Smoke rises from the burning buildings on Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Oahu Island, after the surprise attack by the Japanese which brought America into World War II, December Photo by Epics/Getty Images

Obama is set for his Christmas Vacation in Hawaii. He’s even flying to Africa for Mandella’s funeral, at $180,000 an hour. However he denies the missing man formation for Pearl Harbor due to budget costs. From Hawaii News Now comes a tale of broken promises that is not setting in well with the survivors from the attack …

Obama Denies Missing Man Formation For Pearl Harbor! - The Free Patriot

One of the famous Doolittle Raiders who first attacked Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Jacob DeShazer (1912-2008) knew this one-way mission was dangerous. Indeed, it led to his capture as a prisoner of war. Beaten, malnourished, and alone in his cell, Jacob was given a Bible - and far away from home, this American soldier became a Christian.

Jacob DeShazer: Forgive Your Enemies (Christian Heroes : Then & Now), a book by Janet Benge, Geoff Benge

Sōryū-The second invasion attempt came on December 23rd, 1941. This time, the Japanese had sent two aircraft carriers from the force that attacked Pearl Harbor, Sōryū and Hiryū, to aid in the landing along with 1,500 Japanese Marines. The last message sent from the garrison read "Enemy on island. Issue in doubt."

The IJN Carrier Soryu. The Soryu was sunk by air attack during the Battle of Midway, June