Lakota war party

Artist James Ayers has sold War Party Rides which features a Lakota man. James Ayers specializes in images of Native Americans

Full length color image of Mounted Lakota Warrior, by George Stuart.

Mounted Lakota Warrior- warrior of a branch of the Teton Sioux, cousin of the Oglala Sioux. He was likely involved in internecine feuds that weakened the Indian nations. He was a master of horsemanship after the horse was introduced by the Spanish.

Coup Sticks and War Paint - Howard Terpening

A word about Coup Sticks and War Paint by Howard Terpning. These two Northern Plains warriors have applied their war paint and are ready for whatever trouble.

"Civilized Warrior", A Lakota warrior wears American garments, traded by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. (By James Ayers)

‘Civilized Warrior, Lakota, Native American Art, James Ayers Studio’ by JamesAyers

Lakota Sioux Hunting Dance

This is a picture of a Lakota Sioux Indian doing the Hunting Dance before a big hunt. Many times these dances were done to help guarantee success.