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Actually, I want my own game show called What's Wrong With You? WTF is wrong with you would be the bonus round.

Seriously!  Liking your own status is ridiculous...and annoys me immensely!  Obviously you like it or you wouldn't feel the need to post don't go "liking" it, it's dumb...REAL DUMB!

this isnt funny the thought of someone high fiving themself energetically! is super funny

Now this is exactly how Future Progression feels like. Half dreaming and half awake.

Story of my life! Autopilot driving isn't safe -- oh well!

Think about all the songs that have the name 'Mary'...I've heard them all.

I do this to people when I'm drunk. Mostly people names Roxanne. Thankfully the only song I've ever heard my name in is a slow country song that most don't know and wouldn't sing.

So freaking true!  'Where are my keys?  What's that guys name?  When does that show come on?...Somebody told me you had a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend I had in February of last year.... shit, where is my cell phone?"

Maybe I should just make names, phone numbers, and stuff I should know for school into songs. Then my memory of things would be more productive.

Best Funny Quotes : Seriously!!

Best Funny Quotes : Seriously!!

And they go with everything!

Flip Flops- The glass slippers of the south! So true :) I live in them

Boil, smash, season, bake.  I'll have to try this! humor-to-brighten-or-ruin-your-day

The most awesome images on the Internet

Life quotes are the best sources of good inspiration. when you really need something more than inspiration then funny life quotes are the best way to make your mood

:-) Love my kids!

Good Moms let kids lick the beaters. Great Moms turn the mixer off first.

text me quotes quote phone lol funny quotes texts

I hate voicemails. I don't have a voicemail box for this reason. Either text me or I'll see that you called and call back when I get a chance.

:) posted this on Duane's facebook because he didn't even know the words to twinkle twinkle. Little star lol

So my husband free styling All the time lol

File this under #ThingsThatShouldBeObvious

My point Exactly~ :D Calvin Klein model~ Goes with VS~ Angel :D

Exhaustipation!  Made me laugh..............

word of the day : exhaustipated just too tired to give a shit , how I've been feeling lately

Hath no fury than a woman's scorn

Never underestimate the power of an extremely pissed off woman. Pink words and funny quotes.

I'm sarcastic & have a smart-ass attitude.  It's a natural defense against drama, bullshit, & stupidity.

I'm sarcastic & have a smart-ass attitude. It's a natural defense against drama, bullshit, & stupidity.

So true by IndulgenceLady102

Wouldn't it be nice if the world was flat? That way we could just push off the people we don't like. Ha Ha, there is a song part of lyrics Wouldn't it be Nice