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That's a squirrel.>>> It's a skunk>>>you guys it's a chipmunk!>>>>>>all of you are wrong it's obviously a small dog<<um hello its obviously a platypus. It's a bunny.

Great message about #adopting the right #pet for you! Just because it's not the kitten or puppy you pictured, doesn't mean s/he's not a fantastic companion.

Pet Shelter’s Considerations

Pet Shelter’s Considerations Ya I wish more people would do this because older cats will just sit there and die. So if your adopting a cat or any animal please consider adopting an adult or broken cats or any animal like this.

C'est l'histoire du premier chat "sage-femme-nounou" ...

This Cat Has Been Guarding Her Little Hooman Before He Was Born

Panda, the Lovely Fermale Cat Who has Been Guarding Her Little Hooman Before He Was Born. I hope my cat is like this!

Baby camels are 90% leg

Even though the second picture is an alpaca, those camels are adorable!

The first one is Rita Skitter and all her reporter friends talking about who they want to embarrass in the Daily Profit.

Funny pictures about Conspiracy Theory. Oh, and cool pics about Conspiracy Theory. Also, Conspiracy Theory photos.

@Marissa Ritter Excuse the language, but we need these for our dorm room zoo as well :)

They have bowlcuts…

Funny pictures about Look At These Guys And Their Bowlcuts. Oh, and cool pics about Look At These Guys And Their Bowlcuts. Also, Look At These Guys And Their Bowlcuts photos.

This is exactly what happens during an existential crisis.....

Someone is having an existential crisis.<----- Dan would be so proud. x<<< this guy GAVE me an existential crisis

Guy trys to feed deer in Tennessee then gets swarmed

He’s Probably A Disney Princess. Where can you go to do this? I want all the deer. All the deer. I shall have all the deers and I will be the deer queen. I love deer.

What is this sorcery

This is like the Captain America/Steve Rogers of cell phones.

This is the best!!! xD

The Mysterious Chest

Oh my gosh it's a sheep, that's definitely a picture I'd put in a secret box. or a picture of my dog :)