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Incidents of school bullying never go out of the news. Make a quick look at your daily news paper or just spend some time watching today’s news on TV, you may find another bully physically harasses another tiny kid at a school in your locality,

Has your child been bullied or is your child a bully? There are many warning signs and preventative measures you need to be educated on in order to help your child in both scenarios.

Bullying vs. Kidding (Social Skills) - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit  ht.ly/63sNt for all our pediatric therapy pins

Free printable worksheet for teaching students "bullying" vs. "just kidding" (social skills)

When someone calls your kid stupid, it IS NOT BULLYING. Mean and bullying are different and here's why . . . http://imaginationsoup.net/2014/10/what-is-bullying-meanie-bully/

What is Bullying? Meanie vs. Bully

When someone calls your kid stupid, it IS NOT BULLYING. Understand the difference between meanness and bullying -- it's important to know.

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7 Things You Shouldn't Say To Someone With Anxiety

If you’ve ever suffered from severe anxiety, you’re probably overly familiar with the control it can have over your life. And you’re not alone -- it affects approximately 40 million adult Americans per year. Anxiety and panic di.

Anti bully msg weird is good! Got to be Fearless! w/Taty and Kolbe - I am Bullyproof Music

Why being weird is cool and being brave is important! This magical anti bullying empowerment vid inspires students to be their most inspired selves! W/Taty and Kolbe, Sonoma fourth graders.

visit preventhate.org and remember  #loveislouder

visit preventhate.org and remember #loveislouder

College with Confidence: How to Avoid Home-Sickness

SCHOOL children suffering from bullying and mental health problems are self-harming or threatening to injure themselves at a rate of more than two per week.

Bullyvention presents what is wrong with the school system that leaves scope for bullying. Racial and ethnic typecasts can make immigrant students easy targets for bullies, and unfortunately language barrier and anxiety over legal status make such incidents go unreported.

Hunting for popularity and status has become a trend with teens in schools. It is often students who are ethnically different or considered weak who get bullied around. It is not unusual to find immigrant students being targeted in schools.