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The circle of life - as you walk around the sculpture it creates a complete circle.. The true experience of life

The circle of life - as you walk around the sculpture it creates a complete circle. The true experience of life

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This series by Sydney based artist Todd Robinson is actually titled “Oooh”.}, lazy-looking balloons made of hydrocal, polyester filler, and paint.

Artodyssey: Jean-Louis Corby

Jean-Louis Corby

Geometric Elegance It is through the cohesion of movement and mind that the Corby figures adorn .

loaded and tied ... horrible feeling ..♥

Amazing artist Celeste Roberge made this amazing sculpture correctly portraying grief.


Previous pinner: "Very interesting sculpture. "Der Buchhändler" [The Book Seller, literally: "somebody who handles books"] on the Ludwig-Metzger-Platz in Darmstadt, Germany. Sculpture by Michael Schwarze, photograph by Neil Gallop.



Donald Martiny's hefty brushstrokes.

Donald Martiny

There's something so satisfying about the Donald Martiny's hefty brushstrokes. These larger than life pieces of art are more like sculptures than paintings, as the American artist use gallons upon gallons of polymers and dispersed pigment paint to create

Michal Trpak

Esculturas intrigantes de Michal Trpák

Recycled nuts and bolts = Art.

Figurative Sculptures by Manuel Martí Moreno sculpture metal faces. Sculptor Manuel Martí Moreno lives and works in Valencia, Spain and forms these wonderful figurative pieces out of iron nuts.

Obsevando la fantasia

Sculpture By The Sea (4)

Sculpture By The Sea Artist: Raquel Corona Justo (Mexico) Title: Obsevando la fantasia Statement: “The work invites us to reflect about how we can sit down and watch people in spaces”

In Search Of Missing Pieces by Bruno Catalono

Stunning surreal art: "Le Grand Van Gogh" ~ by French sculptor Bruno Catalano at the waterfront in Marseille, France Great

Naoko Ito, Flora    Ubiquitous, 2009

Tokyo-born artist Naoko Ito created a fascinating visual using over-sized mason jars to fit parts of a large tree branch.

Sculpture éléphant par Daniel Firman.  Impressionnant !

'Nasutamanus' balancing elephant installation by French artist Daniel Firman. Part of the exhibition entitled “The Circus as a Parallel Universe” showing from the of May through the of September 2012 at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna.