siyah-kare: “I remember reading somewhere about. siyah-kare: ““I remember reading somewhere about an organization called Procrastinators Anonymous. I think they had been in existence for some years but had never gotten around to having a meeting.

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I sit down on my bed looking out the window at the super cute boy who moved in next door. When my best friend Axel, walked in, " hey moe" ( short for Cosmo)

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Porque todos guardamos un alma guerrera. this artwork is very creative because it show a little tough girl who has a crown on her head and has a lion in her shadow, showing that she is king #illustration - A Warrior's Dreams Part IV by Anthony Petrie

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Selz Good Shoes lady, c 1920, Howard Chandler Christy

soyouthinkyoucansee: This yard-long print pictures the Selz Good Shoes lady. The picture, drawn by Howard Chandler Christy, was a shoe company premium in about Rich Penn Auctions of Waterloo, Iowa, recently sold it for